Oral Interviews with Recent German-Americans

In 2019, students of the class “The German Diaspora” taught by Professor Marcel P. Rotter at the University of Mary Washington (UMW) started to conduct interviews with recent German Immigrants in the Fredericksburg, VA area. The Schwetzingen-Fredericksburg Alliance, the German sister city organization, was a tremendous help in identifying potential interview partners. You will find  the transcript  below followed by the name(s) of the researcher(s). The corresponding audio files are deposited at UMW’s Simpson Library’s Special Collections Department.

Doris Mullis (Spring 2019)

Interview conducted by Tatjana Farjadi and Avery Vanden Berghe

Isolde Barbara Meyers (Spring 2019)

Interview conducted by Emma Bathke and Grace Brecht

Marcel Rotter (2012)

Interview by John Feffer

Dan Schmidt(Spring 2019)

Interview conducted by Ryan Eric Menold

Dietmar Weselin (Spring 2019)

Interview conducted by Elayna Gladstone and Shannon Harmon